What To Look For In App Design Companies?

A mobile app is unlike any other digital products. The design of a mobile application is largely different from the design of a website. So when you have a great concept for a mobile application, make sure you hire a good app design firm. Look for specialists and not just general digital product designers.

So what should you look for in app design companies?

Body of work of app design companies 

You can’t be the first client of an app design agency. Surely, if a group of people decide to create a firm, they should have experts in them. But you can’t afford to be the experiment. It’s sad that you are essentially not giving newbies a chance, but you also need to think about your company. Launching a mobile app is going to be costly, so you need to see a return of investment. In essence, you also need a partner that could help you achieve that.

Just because you need a firm that has a solid body of work, it doesn’t mean that you have to stick with the Top 10 app design companies. There are some startups that already have a good number of clients. Besides, it’s not in the number of clients. When you look at the body of work, you look at something that will speak to you—something you like for your project.

That’s not to say that you should stick with the startups. If you can afford the big companies, then you should go for it! These companies have proven track records. They would be part of the Top 10 if they didn’t have many successful ventures.

The body of work is not just an indication of the number of people and organizations that trust the firm enough to have it designed for them. It is also about their style and versatility. When you look at the projects of the firm, you need to see if it has something you envision for your own app concept. At least, if they don’t have exactly what you want, they should exhibit a versatility that indicates that it can do what you want.

UI / UX designs and designers 

Among the more important aspects of the mobile app design are the user interface and user experience. These are both design elements that indicate how attractive and easy to maneuver the mobile app is. Basically, when you seek out a design firm, you also need to look at more than just the still design but also how the digital product actually works.

This is kind of easy to determine. If you already know the clients of the firm that you are eyeing, you can just check out the mobile apps. Are they as satisfactory as you want a mobile app to be? Are they something you want for your own mobile app concept?

While mobile application is about efficiency and ease of use, you have to attract people to it first. That’s why the UI is just as important as the UX. The two are complementary and should go hand in hand. Make sure the firm you want has UI and UX designers and not just the generic web designers. Specialization is essential to make your digital product that best that it can be.

Interactive people

Interaction is very important so that you should choose a firm that will communicate with you deeply. You can’t just have one meeting and let that drive the course of designing and creating the mobile application.

Here’s the deal: it’s your concept so you definitely have a say on how the digital product will look. But at the same time, app design companies are experts in their field. You can’t just tell them what to do or there will be no sense paying them to do their job. There should be a healthy compromise between what you want and what they know is good for the mobile app.

Basically, you have to communicate along the way. That’s not to say that you should hover over the company while they design your mobile app. Definitely not! You just need to have updates every now and then. You need to monitor to ensure that the design will be close to what you want and need. On the other hand, you have to be open-minded and trust that they are the experts in their field.

The company you choose should also be easy to reach in case you need to make changes about the digital product. They should be accommodating and always available. But of course, you cannot abuse that by calling all the time. Be professional about your changes and your communication with the company.


You may be looking for app design companies now because you want your mobile app concept to become a reality. But you also have to consider the long-term situation. Are you going to create another mobile app soon? Are you going to expand to other ventures?

Let’s elaborate. Fortnite is one of the most popular online games in the world. Eventually, it has become a brand. There are Fortnite merchandise like T-shirts and caps, and there are Fornite games like board games. It has become more than just an online game.

Make sure that the app design company you want to hire should have the ability to be more flexible when it comes to designs. Of course, we are not saying that they will be designing toys. But there would be other aspects of web presence that would be needed related to a growing brand.

Besides, when you are thinking of creating a mobile app, it’s either a result of a large online following, or that it’s your first dabble into the digital world. If it’s the former, then would it be better to have all aspects of online presence handled by just one firm? This would result in the uniformity of your website, social media accounts and mobile application. If it’s the latter where you have decided on the mobile app first, then there is a distinct possibility that you would need a website and social media presence soon.

This is what it means to have a versatile company. You might be looking for an app design firm, but you also want a company that can handle all the other digital-related stuff. Plus, you don’t know what tomorrow’s next digital trend will be. So they have to be flexible enough to learn new things.