Know How to Optimize App Store Screenshots

Competitiveness has many facets. The best mobile application design means nothing if it cannot be optimized. Acquire maximum benefit with App Store screenshots.


It is not enough that you have conceptualized the best mobile application design. If you really want to produce high conversion, you really need to do learn everything you can about optimizing the digital product’s listing. UX Planet has some quality ideas on how to do such a thing.


Success is not just about one thing. It is always a combination of creative concept and effective enforcement. This is why app developers have to be forward thinkers. If they want their digital product to be purchased and downloaded, they have to make sure that they study App Store screenshots. It is only when you have a deeper understanding of this facet that you can truly create an efficient screenshot that can help your mobile project’s conversion rate.

App Store screenshots 

There are various components to creating an App Store screenshot. But one thing you have to focus on when you prepare this part of the project is that this is the page where you actually seal the deal. This is the page where the audience makes a decision: Should I purchase the app or not? If you have an effective App Store screenshot, then people will definitely download your app.

The app screenshots will appear in the App Store and Google Play. In this particular discussion, we focus on the App Store screenshot, which is specific to Apple products. Store screenshots will allow you to attract the potential market with details about the mobile application. The iOS screenshots include brief descriptions of the digital products. It has to be brief because there are other elements in the screenshot. You also have to include specifications of the digital output as well as a powerful main photo. Your screenshot should carry important details as well as top-notch minor photos.

Easy to create 

In this modern world, screenshot generation is quite easy because of the presence of screenshot builder. The templates are available online. You only need to insert the product of your creative mind into the template. With the use of the screenshot maker, it will be so easy for you to integrate your output into it.


There are many things to consider when you create screenshots. The most pressing matter is creating the right screenshot that will make people click on it and stay on it. One important component to the screenshot is a stunning and powerful photo. The main photo should already give the audience an idea on what the mobile application is about. The photo should then be accompanied by an enticing description text. The text should complement the photo, lest, you will confuse the audience.


The background images of screenshot should be just as important, as well as the background color. There are colors that just don’t seem appropriate in various applications. So when you do custom background for the App Store screenshot, you have to consider cohesiveness. Everything should come together.


There are specific screen resolutions for every iPhone or iPad Pro. You have to know the appropriate sizes for App Store so you don’t meet any problem when the uploaded screenshot becomes final.

Human behaviour

Most likely, potential users browsing through the App Store don’t really read all the descriptions on the App Store screenshots. More often, people just scan through the product page that is showing the app. This is why it is essential that your target audience will immediately take a liking to your App Store screenshot.


If you have a great picture on the landing page, potential users are more likely to open it and scan the descriptive text. If they happen to like the descriptive text, then they will proceed to the usually bulleted advantages of certain applications. The descriptive text or bullet points of advantages of the mobile applications are extremely important because these could easily sway the people who are still on the fence about your digital product.

Important things to remember 

Apple is strict in all things. So it is no surprise that Apple has specific requirements when it comes to screenshots. The format of the digital product should be flattened JPEG or PNG. The pixel density is still around 72 dpi. There is also the RGB color scheme and that no transparent backgrounds are allowed.


However, while you already have the Apple requirements down pat, you still need to make sure that the resolution you chose for the App Store screenshot will also fit other mobile devices especially if you plan on launching the app across all platforms.


Creativity is an important key in creating the App Store screenshot. Not only do you need to capture a great image to attract potential users, the descriptive text should say a lot about the product. People are suckers for stories, so it would help if the description of the product would appeal to people. It is only when they see a relatable digital product that consumers actually decide whether to purchase it or not. Make sure to use catchy phrases in order to catch the audience’s attention. At the same time, you need to be informative.


The screenshots will help you connect to the audience. According to a statistical report, the right screenshot will make the conversion rate higher by 18%. So make sure that you have the right ammunition to take on the challenge of creating the App Store screenshot.