Tips for Finding the Right Design Agency

You might be great at operating your business but it doesn’t mean you will be good at everything else. So what you need is to find a partner that can help you create amazing designs for website and other projects. Leave the designing to the experts. 

If you can find an all-around firm like ux design company Ramotion, then you are in a good position. It is a design agency that is credible and knows a lot about successful conversion, which is of course the goal of every design process.

A single design agency, no matter how great it is, will never be good for all companies. There is always that one firm that is perfect for your business. It doesn’t have to be the biggest design firm on the planet; it just needs to be in sync with your needs. 

The keyword is partner. You want a partner in your journey. So a design agency should be your partner especially when it comes to web design, which is very crucial in business in this modern digital age.

Here are the important things you should look for in a partner:

Find a design agency that understands your business

You may have a product or service that people have been acquiring for years, but this doesn’t mean that there is real understanding of the company. In order for a website to be effective, it has to connect with the target audience. Many design firms will focus on aesthetics and content, which are great. A website should be pleasing to the eyes and it should be informative. However, do the aesthetics and content speak of the company? Really? This is what understanding is all about. It is easy to put images and content together but are they consistent with what the company is about?

As a business owner, you need to be on the same page as your design agency. There should be dialogue between the two entities. The design firm may be an expert on creating efficient websites, but it is still your business. The company’s personality should jump out! This is why understanding is important and it will come out only when there are conversations about it. Allow the design agency to flaunt its creativity while you mold your story. This brings us to the next thing you should look for in a design agency…

Great storyteller

Everybody loves stories. So make sure your web design agency knows how to craft stories relevant to your business because the narrative makes everything easy to understand. When people relate to your website, they are more inclined to visit it and that is the first step to conversion.

How can you find a great storyteller among hundreds of design firms? Check out their portfolio! Look at the websites they have previously created. It is extremely important that you get to know the web design agency before you make a commitment. Know if they can really tell a story. Better yet, know if they can tell your story.

As mentioned, great stories will make web users return to your website over and over again. But will they stay? Will they purchase your product or service? Well, here is another element you should want your design agency to possess…

Smart UX team 

User experience is definitely an important aspect in a website. So you should find a user experience agency or at least a firm that has a reliable UI / UX designer. There are dozens of UX agencies around, but hiring a separate agency for the user experience design is just too much work. So you are better off hiring a design agency that can do information architecture. 

Again, this goes back to looking at the firm’s past outputs. Are they user friendly? Because that is key. If a website is hard to understand and navigate, web users usually don’t have the patience to stick around. The digital world makes everything fast-paced. So if your website is terrible, hard to manoeuvre, hard to navigate, then no one wants to stay on that site. There are millions of others anyway. Did you know that there are at least a billion websites out there? So maybe only thousands will actually be similar to yours, or hundreds even. But that is still a lot of competition. 

A website has to be user friendly. That should be the first commandment in creating websites. There is more to web design than just looking good.



Attraction is important

 Some people experience love at first sight. Many people would say that character is more important but no one will know about that character if there is no attraction first. People don’t approach another to get to know them if there was no attraction first. So you see, attraction is key.

It is the same principle that can be used when it comes to websites. You want internet users to see your website and get attracted to it. Attraction is not just about beauty. There is science attached to what makes things attractive when it comes to creating the website. User research is extremely important. What makes people attracted to a web design?

This is usually referred to as the user interface design. Find a firm that has its own UI designer so that you don’t have to hire one.

Of course you have to make a design agency pitch to you. See if they can create a website that is scientifically pleasant. You can also ask if the firm employs user testing. This way, there are actual people commenting on whether the design will do it for them or not. 

Perceptive of what people want

Web users generally want to have a say on things. It is important that you have an interactive-designed website. Let web users or the target market talk to you through the website. With an interactive website, you are sure to make your website and business better. This is a line between you as business owner and your clients. 

So it is important that you find a design agency that is perceptive of what people really want. You basically want a design agency with a heart, which is kind of laughable since every business just want to make money. But everything is tied to emotions so you need a firm that knows that and will rely on that when they design a website.

You really need to be smart about your choice of a website agency.