5 Things To Consider In A Web Design Proposal

Igniting a great impression from your target audience is the ultimate aim when you’re promoting your business online. Having a website is the first thing that you really have to consider. That is why it is a must to know some tips on how to have a converting biz site. Knowing those tips can really make your business highly visible among the target customers who are using the web daily in search of the things they need or want. By reading this particular blog post, you will be able to know the importance of a website being designed for the purpose of attracting more potential customers. This must be the main principle you have to apply if you want massive success and growth.

Looking for the best Web Design Proposal should be the first thing you need to prioritize when hiring a web design company. The proposal itself has to contain all the necessary details. But the question now is: How are you going to determine if the proposal is great or not? There are tips which you should be knowledgeable about on how to create a great website. These tips are specifically laid down here because they serve as your main framework in choosing the best candidate for the job. Be reminded that you’re going to have the best website to represent your brand on the web. Hence, paying attention to the details of this blog post is recommended.

How should a great Web Design Proposal look like?

The answers to this question are explained subsequently below. As a business owner, you should request for a proposal from the web designer and developer. Hence, website RFPs are important. RFP means “request for a proposal.”

Think of the website users first.

The users of the website should be the main priority. In doing business nowadays, you’re obliged to pay attention to the need to satisfy the target audience. This is the first ever principle you have to apply. Your goal is to make money out of your business website. But how can you achieve it when there are no users who will appreciate first and foremost the content of your site? This is unimaginably possible to hit success when the site users are not given with what they need. They may use your site to look for something beneficial and useful. Hence, you have to make them your first priority.

The accuracy of the web content should be the top priority you need to understand. Great web developers know that thinking of the website users is the key to success. In other words, you can’t succeed when you’re unable to make people happy and satisfied. Grant them with their needs and demands. Once you will be able to do this, your business will shine and grow dramatically. Thus, a great Web Design Proposalshould contain the details on how the audiences will benefit from your website. This must be the main priority, so to speak. Keep the users in mind as always as it has to be.

Boost the speed of the site.

The performance of your business website is very important. It refers to the speed of the site when loading the web pages. If possible, you have to ensure that the web pages of the website will open and completely load in about 4-6 seconds. Going beyond this suggested time length can jeopardize the overall performance. Take note that you have to please the audiences. Avoiding so much delay in web page loading is the key here. Your business will prosper when your biz site is able to have a well-boosted site speed. There are tools to be used to optimize the speed of the website. And to say the least, it must form part of the overall web design proposal you’ll be requiring from the web designer applying for the web designing job in your company. 

Improving website speed has a lot of ways. As mentioned, there are tools coupled by metrics which the web designer can apply to make sure that the website is going to perform well. The overall content structure and information architecture should be geared towards the fulfillment of the users. This is the reason why you have to see to it that site speed is not compromised. When you fail in this aspect, your business website will have a poor performance. It means you’re not able to meet the very first requisite - to satisfy the site users. Furthermore, when site speed is great, there is a good chance for your website to rank highly in the search engines. The implication is more visitors are going to find your website.

Hick’s Law plays a crucial role.

Putting a lot of options in a single product web page is not a great idea. It can lead people to think that you’re compromising their need to have a friendly website. The more choices your web page has, the higher the chance that the users will leave your site to look for a better one on the web. You don’t want this to happen, do you? That is why you need to observe the so-called “Hick’s Law.” What does it mean by this law? Narrow down the choices in every page. The idea is that if you have multiple products, you have to set one page per product, except for those products with variations. Doing this can help the site users decide what is really best for them. There will be no confusion in their mind.

If you have multiple products to offer, it’s better to categorize them in your product pages. The web designer should know how to do it correctly. By this means, you are giving the site users ease and comfort. Having success through a website is a tricky thing. But this particular law is helpful to increase the conversion rates of your e-commerce site. By observing this particular law, you’re actually giving your audiences comfort and convenience. This is what most people would love to have. So, the purpose of every page is to make people happy and satisfied. Nothing else.

White spaces should be available.

This is another principle which you must not take for granted. If possible, don’t overuse all the spaces to be found in every web page. It is a requirement to have white spaces. In other words, they are known as empty or negative spaces. These are the spaces which are left blank. It’s truly one of the best tips to follow when considering a highly converting biz site. Those websites filled with so many content objects, like texts and images, are having a decreased level of performance. Why is it happening? It is due to the fact that people should be pleased. Spaces can help them appreciate the value of your website.

White spaces are known as a crucial component in every website design. No website can thrive when it comes to ranking in the search engines without considering this utmost component. Yes, you have to visualize your brand content through the website. But this visualization does not mean you’re going to fill in every space in your website. It’s like avoiding a traffic jam. Traffic in the streets is inconvenient. No one likes to be trapped when driving their vehicle. That is why there has to be a space where driving in the allotted lane can be done smoothly. In the same way, a congested website is not a good idea. Solution? Make sure that the web designer understands the value of white spaces.

Keep it simple as it must be.

The simplicity of your business website is a must. It’s a requisite that you have to understand well. Most people want simple and plain things. That is why when designing a website, it is a great idea to make sure that the design itself is simple. Otherwise, it can compromise the need to have a boosted site performance on the web. There has to be no any complexity with respect to the site design. The overall appearance should look great. This is the idea which you have to always keep in your mind if you want your business to succeed. The conversion rates will tend to go higher when the overall design is kept simple.

To make the design simple, there are ways you can consider doing. Simplicity is the main key here. Don’t go overboard because it can have an adverse impact against your business. You’re after great sales and increased conversion rates, do you? That is why you have to ensure that your website design is not that complex. Rather, the designer should see to it that the site pages are clean from all unnecessary elements. It does not mean that the web pages should contain nothing. Of course, content is king. There have to be readable texts, images, graphics, videos, and other visible components. But the thing is that the components should be simple and never complex.


Having the right web design proposal is not an easy thing to realize. You have to understand the points presented above for you to be able to have the right website for your business. You will succeed only if you are going to please the audience. The users should be happy and satisfied with the availability of your website. Your brand should serve and act as the provider of ultimate solution to people’s problems. This is where true success can be measured.

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