Stunning Android Mockup Options Available for You

There are available options to create a stunning Android mockup product for your business website, mobile app, and any other digital platforms.

Are you looking for the best medium you can use to present your website or app portfolio to your prospective customers? If so, then this article is a big help. There are available Android mockups that are ready for grab these days. By choosing one PSD file of an Android mockup, you will be able to showcase your business propositions to partners and associates. You don’t have to worry about the results, because with the current availabilities, particularly those created by android phone templates enthusiasts from Medium, the resulting mockups are great and amazing.

Furthermore, you can also have a set of handy tools. You can use them for a more efficient creation. All you need to do now is to search for Android mobile phone mockups in PSD or sketch formats.

Brief Explanation about an Android Mockup

Mockups, contextually, are tools that can be used to showcase the ideas you have in mind about your product design. These tools are vital especially during the conduct of interviews or business presentation. If you want to use an Android phone to present your project to others, you can handpick the best Android mockups that are either free or paid. The general choices can be:

  • Android phone mockups
  • Android app mockups
  • Android website mockups
  • Android device mockups
  • And a lot more…

There are different file formats that you can choose from: Sketch, PSD, PND, XD, and SVG. To find one and to integrate it into your next digital project is easy.

The possible options for Android apps mockups are:

1.    Astounding Minimal Samsung Galaxy S10 Mockups

It would be easy to have a Samsung Galaxy S10 that you can use in your next presentation. Choose the available Galaxy S10 mockup today. It can surely fit with any project you may have. With this mockup product, you have the freedom to choose the background color. The most common color being used for the background is bright yellow. The design is minimal to make sure the needs are met. As well, you can edit the output through using smart objects.

2.    Awesome Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android Mockups

Are you a loyal fanatic of Samsung brand? If yes, then you will surely love Galaxy Note 9. How about a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Mockup? It is great to be used in exhibiting the design of your app or website. You can present the ideas about your business in various styles. Furthermore, there are different angles that can suit the overall design. The appearance of the mockup is extremely fascinating and beautiful. By using this product, you can easily convince your business clients to say “yes” to your business ideas. The fact that you can customize the mockup result, it can be inferred that the Samsung Galaxy mockups are one of the top choices.

3.    Free Google Pixel 2 Mockup with a World-Class Design

If you worry because you still don’t have the medium to use in presenting your business designs, then the available free Google Pixel 2 mockups on the web can be the best answer. It is then easy to showcase your application or ecommerce website design. The good thing with Google Pixel 2 Mockup is that it is not just free, it also comes with premium appearance that can assure great results for the users. You can ask for smartphone mockup if you want more details on how to create Google Pixel 2 mockups. This company employs world-class UI and UX designers to make sure that their products really stand out among others.

4.    Beautiful Google Pixel 2 XL PSD Mockup

You don’t want the classic front view of the Google Pixel 2, do you? That is why you want to have a customizable mockup. Good news! There is a mockup template that specializes in this aspect. Your next artwork can be a great piece that people would love. For sure you can take your work to the next level with the availability of this Android mockup. Producing such digital product does not consume much of your time. If you want to learn more about Google Pixel 2, read this opinionated article.

5.    Elegant Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Mockup in PSD Format

If you’re looking for a beautiful and elegant Xiaomi Mi MIX 2, a mockup version can be a good option. By securing this mockup product, you can easily manage present and future digital projects. The available formats can be in Photoshop (PSD).

6.    Great OnePlus 6 Android Phone Mockups

Another popular android device brand is OnePlus. Its OnePlus 6 version is a great phone for business presentation. To make sure that you can present photorealistic designs, you can try the minimal OnePlus 6 mockup product. Surely, the output looks professionally. You can have it through the fully-layered PSD files. Customizing the design details, particularly the background color, is easy with the use of smart objects.

Designing can be a hard thing to do because you have to consider a lot of things. But the available UI Kit for mockup designers is created for the production of nicely-designed OnePlus 6. Its mockup version can be perfect for the graphic and UX designers. There is a choice to have a fully customizable PSD mockup.

One Last Thought

You want your next formal business presentation to be delivered awesomely, right? That is why considering Android mockups to be used in presenting and showcasing your website and app designs is a good thing to do.




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