Showcasing Social Media Game on the iPad Mockup

Presenting your social media game through an iPad mockup:  It is great to see not just the strategy, but also how the campaign will look like on technology.

Let’s face it, every company nowadays have a social media presence. Even the old-school companies have already entered the fray. It is just impossible to survive the business game without online presence. Website is a must, and social media is just as important.

So if you are creative and is hyperaware of the online trends and the social media game, then social media management is definitely a great opportunity for you. But first, you need to have a client. How do you get a client? By showing them how amazing your social media plan is. How do you do that? The best way to showcase your concept is through a mockup. This way, the client will see how the project will look during the actual implementation. The mockup is the best way to showcase the output in as close to reality as possible.

The internet is an online storage for mockup templates. If you want the most professional-looking vector mockup, you only need to head on to iPad templates on UX Planet. It is a digital store with a selection of mockups designed in Photoshop and Sketch. The mockup is mostly used to present website design and mobile application construction. However, there is no limit to how you expose your creativity. The use of technology in a presentation would just heighten the realism in a project especially for something as significant as social media.

There may be various types of technologies to choose from as tool for your presentation. However, there is just something about the iPad that really works when it comes to social media. If you are trying to present your idea to a client, using the iPad as tool will put everything into perspective at the best way possible. The idea of the iPad is really smart. It is a mobile gadget but it is not as small as the iPhone. In other words, there are so many more practical things you can do with an iPad. While you can do work stuff on your phone, it is not as good as working on a bigger gadget even if it is just an iPad Mini.

Let’s talk about perspective. So when you showcase your social media plan to your audience, you can use a simple free tablet PSD . When you want to demonstrate the perspective of the social media manager, the iPad Pro PSD mockup seems more appropriate. As the name implies, it is a gadget more for professional use because of the power behind it. Then, there is also the perspective of the social media audience, which could be showcased using mockups that feature iPad Airs.

iPad Mockup

So we have established that mockup is good, and that the iPad is a great tool. So it makes sense that when you do your social media presentation, you use the iPad mockup, which is also a great way to present website design or showcase your app.

With so many available templates on the internet, creating your presentation is going to be easy. You only need to have the Photoshop and Sketch apps downloaded on your computer so that you can just drag and drop your creative ideas. Once you have the applications, you can choose the free PSD mockup template. You can then put your design on the screen of the iPad. Using a PSD file is important because not only is it easy to manipulate, it is also compatible with so many technology. You want your presentation to be versatile in case the audience want to have your presentation on their own gadget.

The social media plan 

When you create your social media plan, you need to have a definite goal. It has to be specific and measurable because you want your client to be able to determine if the plan worked after a year or so. One specific goal is to increase connections across all platforms. Among the more important social media platforms for business are LinkedIn for professional connections, Facebook for varied connections and a more relatable podium, Instagram for outstanding photos of products or service, and Twitter to showcase wit and creativity. Another specific goal is to ensure interaction with connections.

The next step would be to identify your target audience. You can do this by showing the possible entities—people or other companies—that should be followed by your prospective client. The iPad and iPhones mockup is a great way to present this part. All you have to do is show some social media accounts significant to your client. You may also show some of the activities of the significant social media accounts on the screens of the iPad and iPhone in order to be more realistic about it.

Then it’s time to showcase your personality through samples of social mediate activities that you crafted specifically for the client. A devices mockup is a good one because it could feature different devices as well as different social media platforms. You can show off how you manage the LinkedIn account on the Mac screen, while the high-resolution photo-based activities on Instagram will be flashed on the MacBook. You can put up your Facebook plan on the iPad and a relatable tweet can be featured on the iPhone.

People love drama and that is perpetuating in social media. Of course, as a business entity, you should not encourage your client to involve themself in drama. However, the business should be empathetic and should be more “human” on social media. Yes, the company is a business entity, but on social media, it is just one of them. Of course, the social media manager should still carry the principles of the company through social media activities. The posts need to be ethical and the social media manager should be on their best behaviour. But that doesn’t mean that the business has to be robotic about it. The business should be able to show its human side by being humorous and snarky. You should encourage your client to adapt to the times and trend. When it is Valentine’s Day, the posts should be romantic. When it is Thanksgiving, the post should show gratitude. Showcase versatility of the social media account through the perspective mockup.

Social media is very important in business. But it is only through the effective use of social media that the business will actually grow and prosper. So show that advantage by pouring your creativity about social media activities through the iPad mockup.


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