Dissecting the Different Aspects of a Creative UI UX Design Agency

A creative design agency can help you in so many ways. The success of your business relies on the efficient and effective implementation of the different strategies related to digital marketing and branding. But the very first requisite is having a world-class design. That is why hiring a design agency is an utmost priority among the different businesses all over the world today.

According to Ramotion, when you hire one of the available design firms today, you should see to it that you understand the various roles and functions of the workers under such an agency. When you understand the different roles, you will then be directed properly on what to do and on how to monitor the performance of the team members.

A Design Agency Has These Positions

Let’s now see the 11 different positions of those working in creative UX agencies.

1.    Account Director

This position is essential. It is the bridge between you (being the client) and the creative team that is tasked to work for you efficiently. This position actually liaises between you and the other user experience agency. One of the essential functions of an Account Director is to do proper coordinative campaigns. The tasked individual must make sure that there is a work brief for proper guidance of the client being served.

2.    Account Manager

This position is being overseen by the Account Director. Specifically, an Account Manager must be the one to liaise with the client being served. There are multiple accounts to be handled by an Account Manager. When there is a plethora of project activities, this manager should be the one to manage in order to have a smooth-sailing transaction and effectuation.

3.    Creative Director

This is one important position that you should know for you to be able to understand why it is important. A Creative Director should be tasked to oversee the quality of the performance of the entire team. For example, a user research approach should be done because it is through this process that the digital project will be done in favor of the target users.

One of the vital traits of a successful Creator Director is he or she is able to understand the world around him or her. Otherwise, the success of the planned project will hardly be achieved. Moreover, the holder of this position should be enthusiastic in making sure that everything is aligned according to plan. One of the top UX agencies today that can provide you with a world-class design agency creative director is UX Planet.

4.    Design Director

You should also know that a Design Director is tasked to oversee the overall implementation of the crafted website or app design. Hence, this position is part of the holistic advertising and branding strategies. It is a requisite that a design firm must adhere to the requirements set by the respective clients. This specific director has to do this task so that the business itself would follow the correct direction towards success. When there are challenges and constraints, this person should find ways to avoid frustrating adverse impacts.

5.    Project Designer

When we say a “designer,” somehow it connotes an ambiguity. It’s an ambiguous position because the term “designer” might have a conflict with the other positions being explained above. But to say the least, this position has specific functions that are significant for an agency’s success. Today, a project designer position has an increasing popularity.

Those who tried this position can say that this is an enjoyable job. It is a position that intersects everything in a particular UX design team. It connects the different disciplines that play an interconnected approach towards the achievement of ultimate success. The designer himself or herself should be able to fix the multi-faceted issues that the client may encounter.

6.    Art Director

You have to understand that a project designer usually performs the construction of ideas by using pen and paper. An Art Director, on the other hand, is tasked to visualize the output of a particular marketing or advertising strategy. Everything regarding the creative work, this person should be the one to have the visual presentation and delivery. And the one that is supervising this position is the Creative Director.

7.    UI and UX Designer

Considering the reality of digital agencies, a UI and UX designer is involved in providing a user-experience and customer-focused design. The different elements of a particular UI and UX project are intertwined through this designer. It is responsible in ensuring that the design is relevant to the various devices and platforms that the users might be able to use. This designer performs the job to see to it that the product will be appreciated by the target users.

8.    Copywriter

Writing content is an essential part of a successful UX design. A copywriter is the one being tasked to produce words that are useful for people to understand your digital project (i.e. a mobile app). Without a copywriter, the project becomes empty. Why? There are no words that will transmit the details and ideas about your digital project, so to speak. But not all design firms have copywriters. So sometimes, you need to find a copywriter in a freelancing nature to do the job for you.

9.    Photographer

Photos are important for business success. When you have a mobile app, for example, you need to have screenshots and images to represent your app. The world-class images will help your app’s ranking. Every photo tells a corresponding story. That is why it is necessary that you can hire a not so expensive but a photographer with cutting-edge tools and modern knowledge. It is also vital to know that some of the design agencies that can help you in the design process have employed world-class photographers.

10. Marketing Executive

When it comes to promotions and advertisements, you should have a Marketing Executive. Good news because this position is part of the creative design agency’s manpower structure. An agency must employ a marketing specialist who is responsible in the marketing aspect of your business. This executive position is important in the aspects of public relations and relationship building (between your brand and the audience). Your business can win when you have a Marketing Executive.

11. Brand Strategist

Usually, a large branding company has a person that is taking charge of the overall brand strategy. The one responsible for branding is known as “Brand Strategist.” Its focus is on developing and implementing multi-layered yet coherent strategies about product branding. The approaches to be implemented must be in line with the users-based data and information. Branding is about telling and conveying a story. So, you have to make sure that your brand strategist knows how to convey a story successfully.


It is somehow frustrating to spend time on creative designing. But when you have the right team members working in a specific design company, success is just easy to be realized. It is imperative to take note that when you have a good design, you can have dramatic business growth. So, it is better if you understand the correlation between a world-class design and business success. For more relevant details, read this article.


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