Front End Website Developer Cites Ways To Boost Website Performance

Speeding up the website performance is a must-do thing if you want to achieve massive growth and success. Your site plays a very crucial role for your brand to stand out on the market. So, give it what it needs to have before it’s too late. Hiring a professional website developer is one of the primary things you could do if you want to have a highly engaging ecommerce store, or if you want to have a converting website.

A front end website developer can help you a lot without any doubt. This expert web professional can lead you to the right way of success. The best way is to have a website that performs as fast as possible. A low-speed website is not good at all. It can increase the bouncing rates which happen when more visitors leave the site to look for another one that is speedier. When the site is getting slower, the conversion rate tends to decrease inevitably. 

When your biz site is loading so fast, it can add to the factors that Google uses in ranking. It’s ultimately favorable to your business. It is true because more people will love the performance of your website. You can see the difference. That is why you have to ascertain those things that can help increase the website performance in terms of loading pages.

1.   HTTP requests should be minimized as much as possible. 

Minimizing HTTP requests is one of the essential things you have to do if you want your website performance to get better and to become more favorable. It’s been observed by professionals that one of the reasons why a site page is getting slower in terms of loading is the overloading of elements such as scripts and images. They cause lagging of the site pages. Hence, it’s important to minimize the HTTP-related requests to make sure that every visitor can have a great experience. If you can’t do this then the tendency is more people will become a victim of performance failure.

It is believed that by reducing the HTTP requests, the performance will get better. All those files and scripts that are not necessary should be removed. It is vital to understand that in order to give the audience the deserved great experience, all you have to do is to only provide the most needed things. Those unnecessary should be gotten rid of.

2.   Loading of JavaScript should be deferred somehow. 

This is another essential thing that you can do. It has something to do with a sequential pattern of the opening of the site components. To defer a file from opening is important when there’s another file being opened beforehand. In other words, it’s important to organize the flow on how each and every site visitor opens site files. JavaScript deferment is one of the best things you can do in this regard. And it can only be realized when you avail of the frontend services offered by legitimate service providers, like Ramotion.

To defer a JavaScript file from loading, for instance on a WordPress site, you can use this step. There is a box near the “Load JS files deferred” and you have to check it. By doing so, the hired web developer is then optimizing the performance of the business site. There are more steps you can do on how you’ll be able to defer the JavaScript files one at a time.

3.   The so-called “server response time” needs to be reduced.

The server response time is the amount of time being spent by the server in responding to every user’s query. This time allotment should then be reduced if you want your website performance to get better. The DNS (domain name system) lookup actually takes more time when this aspect is unattended. So, be very careful in your approach as regards to this aspect.

The hired front end website developer should see to it that the response time of the server is reduced. When it’s done, navigating the content pages is quite faster. That said, your website performance becomes highly favorable. And when it’s favorable, more people tend to appreciate your brand as they recognize the great experience they’re having.

Thus, you have to be very careful in this aspect. At the very start of the website development process, you should ask the hired developer if he or she is able to reduce the server response time using all possible means.

4.   Choose the fittest website hosting service provider. 

Your web host matters a lot. Did you know about it? If not, then it’s time for you to be aware that the type of web host you’re going to choose has an impact with regards to the performance of your business website. 

There are actually three major choices you can opt from: dedicated web host, VPS web host, and shared web host. Among the three, a dedicated web host is the most highly recommended. Why? By using this web hosting type, the response time of the server can automatically be reduced because the server is only dedicated to serve your website. A shared hosting might be the cheapest among the three but there is a tendency that it’s going to affect the loading time of the site pages. With VPS hosting, there is still sharing with other websites but you have a portion in the server that is intended only for you. To choose which is best depends on your needs and demands.

Just remember that choosing the kind of web host may affect the loading speed of your website. So, if you want to have a dynamic website with thick content pages, it is advised that you choose a hosting service provider that is only for you, without any sharer involved. Otherwise, you’re going to suffer from its possible drawbacks.

5.   Optimize content particularly images and video files on the site.

The image and video files can affect the performance. Whether you like it or not, it’s true. That is why in website optimization, it’s very crucial to optimize the images, videos, and other files that are heavily byted. Not doing this process can detriment the overall performance of the biz site.

In what sense that images and videos can affect the loading of the pages? Well, their files are large and heavy compared to plain texts. Therefore, it’s necessary to optimize and reduce their file bytes so that the site won’t be overloaded.

By doing all the mentioned things above, you’re giving your business an edge. Meaning, your competitiveness on the web becomes stronger. But to make sure that you’re going to do the right thing - hire a front end website developer today.


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